STAR REVELATIONS is a Supernatural Thriller by Steven Paul Terry


Book One Coming Fall 2021


“I returned from our future and there was no more fear. I was courageous, I was free…”
– Diana Star

Those are the words of Diana Star, investigative journalist, who’s caught up in the media’s sensationalism and its use to manipulate the populace. When she’s pulled into the world’s greatest conspiracy, she begins to wonder… “is one lone power truly controlling the world? And if so, why? and how?”

A series of haunting messages, mind control, a terrifying trauma, and a relationship with a scandalous but mysterious executive begins it all. As Diana discovers the involvement of a powerful media mogul, his empire (the very media establishment she’s part of), and the sinister and dark force behind it, she races against time to uncover and stop those controlling everything; the freedom and future of this world and others depend on it…



This is a Trilogy and the complete story is told in 9 parts;

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